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Our Grade 2 Writer’s Blog

Welcome to our writing blog! We are glad you came to see what we are writing about. Please leave our writers a comment. You can select a “category” on the right to see all the posts for that assignment. You can also use the “Search” function on the right to locate work by a particular student. If you have any questions, let me know!

This week…

1/16/18… MUGS!! It’s a cup full! Enjoy! 🙂

12/8/17…. Enjoy reading...If I Were an Elf ! Oh what fun it would be!

11/28/17…We have learned all about writing fables. We had fun exploring the moral of the stories and lessons learned. We created animal characters that act like people. Enjoy reading our fables in Our Own Fables. Please leave a comment or two! 🙂

10/10/17… Do you wanna FREE WRITE?!? Here’s your chance! Watch this video – “Respect Rap” – with a family member and blog about what respect means to you! Please remember to use a title for your posting and a byline. Also, no quotes from Aretha Franklin! 🙂 Use the category “Respect and Me.” Have fun!

Mrs. Baker


9 Responses to Our Grade 2 Writer’s Blog

  1. Maureen Vaccaro

    Your entries are wonderful – and your positive and kind responses to each other are inspiring.
    Keep up the wonderful work.

  2. Peggy L. Jeffries

    To all Mrs. Baker’s students:

    Continue to do your best at all times. I have known your teacher since she was a young girl. She is doing a wonderful job with all of you. I am a retired teacher, but I still substitute in the school that I retired from years ago. Mrs. Baker you still have that smile.

  3. Kim Harrison

    It’s great to see primary teachers with blogs sharing student work. I will use yours as an example in my school.


    I really like how involved you are ( Mrs. Baker) with your students.

    It is nice to see a talented teacher do their thing and have students enjoy class everyday.

    Job well done !

  5. Gabriel L.

    Mrs.Baker these blogs are amazing thank you so much for leting us blog!

  6. Ari

    MRS. Baker THANKS FOR letting us all blog on this account THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

  7. Janice Dye

    This is a wonderful blog full of great stories. I enjoyed reading your students’ writing and will visit your blog often! Thank you for sharing!

  8. Hermene Potts

    Thank you for sharing what our children and grandchildren are doing in your classroom.

  9. Debra Albuquerque

    These blogs are wonderful. I especially love the one by my niece Sammy Funk about her kitten Chewie. Sammy keep up the amazing work!! You are so smart and such a talented writer and are so lucky to have Mrs Baker this year. She is the best!

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